“ A group aiming at giving the structures of the Maritime Museums a stronger appeal. ”

Working to put the new into the spotlight

The art room is situated on the first floor, in between Andrea Doria’s silver room and the museum’s cafeteria. Created to host art shows linked to the subject of travel and the sea, the Saletta is also used for small presentations and meetings.

The Room has a surface of 120square metres and a comfortable atmosphere ideal for different settings.

The Auditorium RINA is on the Galata’s ground floor, it is equipped with standard technology systems that can be updated if necessary and can seat 96 people.

Close to the Auditorium the Galleria dell’Affresco and the Sala di Cristoforo Colombo can be used for coffee breaks, dinners or lunches.

The areas can be hired with a contribution to expenses.

The associates can use the spaces at the Galata Museo del Mare for business meetings and special events, in co-operation with the Mu.MA.


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